Saturday, January 24, 2009

Robot Party

I loved that our kids were raised in the mission field. Going to a high school where you are only one of a few mormon kids gave my kids lots of opportunities to share the gospel, teach about our religion and bear their testimonies. Being a member of the church made them different and they stood out in the crowd. And even though it was hard at times, I would say that my kids enjoyed being set apart because of their membership in the church.

We always sent them to EFY and while they liked being different at home, during that week, they loved being with so many others that believed the same way that they did. I loved that they were supported in the righteous decisions that they were making in their lives. One time when I went to pick them up, on the cement was written "We LOVE modest girls!" How great to be supported and be told that LDS boys don't like it when girls wear spaghetti strap dresses and that "Modest is the Hottest!"
As they got older and it was nearing the time to go to college, they couldn't wait to attend a church college where they could be surrounded with others who believed as they did just like EFY.
Which brings me to these pictures! My youngest daughter is attending BYU in Provo and last semester someone in her apartment complex had an 80's party and everyone came dressed up from the 1980's. This semester, they had a robot party!! My daughter is in the silver costume and her roomate is in the gold. How grateful I am for these wonderful church colleges where these young adults can have some good clean fun!



McEwens said...

Love the costume she looks GREAT!

Redhoodoos said...

Fun! She looks like she's having the time of her life.

My son turned down a date with a girl to a girl's choice dance because he didn't like the way she spoke and dressed. I'm so proud of him.

You have some great kids, KD!

Cynthia said...

She is such a beauty! I love the pictures too- it takes me back to those days. It's so important for her to have all the fun now that she can. There are those days when I feel so tied down with the kids etc. that it's nice to remember those days and know I made the most of them.

Lisa Loo said...

Happy dance I am doing reading while post your. I never did learn to do the robot but these girls are darling. I'm with you--it is a great blessing for these kids to be somewhere they are supported for their righteous choices. I missed the deadline for registering Kelly for EFY--I have never done that in 6 years--hoping I can get her in on the general enrollment.

Mechelle said...

HI! I think it is great to see strong kid having good clean fun. This is wonderful. Love the modest costumes. It is so hard to shop for my 15 year old. She wants to be modest but there is little choice for her. Do you know what I mean? M

RhondaLue said...

Your daughter is beautiful and i love the costume. Those sorts of parties are best,clean FUN!

Now,for the question I may not want the answer to. How bad is tuition? It's not looking like my daughter will be getting a scholarship but I so badly want her to go there. She'll be a senior next year so I have a tiny bit of time to figure out how to make it work.

wonder woman said...

It sounds like you're describing my teenage years! Standing out with your religion, EFY, church colleges.....I loved it ALL. Especially the fun parties! I love your daughter's costume!

da Bergs said...

Look how cute they look!!! How fun... do you remember..???!!! Oh, to be young again!

flagboy said...

Hi, Ditcher! I'm learning to comment. In 3 or 4 years I'll be good at this. Hoodoos is coaching me. Your blog looks amazing! d'Flagboy

Tink said...

This is so awesome and inspiring! She lookes like she's having a wonderful time. She's beautiful and how wonderful to have children who want to live the standards of the gospel! You did good Deb!

robyn said...

Deb I totally agree!! Growing up in Wrightwood was awesome!! wow Brooke is Gorgeous! I am sure you come and visit so next time you do I would love to see you and your girls! I just live in south jordan so not too far! :)

Shauna said...

Are you coming to the lunch Tink put together this Saturday?

Doran & Jody said...

Way cute!!!
Yeah for modest!!

Anonymous said...

Oh so neat!
The makeup is fantastic!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Cute costumes and cute girls! I love that she is enjoying this time in her life, and that "enjoying" it does not mean compromising her values. It's great to have a great support network.

Megan and Brandon said...

Hey McEwen Family! I love your blog! It is so funny! I would definitely choose Bob as well because he is softer. Brandon and I are still waiting for an official offer from this company before we can give you an official answer as to renting the house. We are still really interested, we just can't say a definite yes until we get a written offer. We have a meeting with them on the 13th and 14th of February where they promised we would get a written offer so we will let you know as soon as we do. THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

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Gary & Julie said...

Brooke is soooo beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

ok. this was inspirational! i am always nervous about my kids growing up here in the serious Mission Field.....

but you have given me new hope :)

great pictures!!! ha ha... i love those outfits!!!

Mother Goose said...

love it too funny

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