Monday, October 6, 2008

"My" General Conference

Did you all enjoy "my" General Conference this weekend? I am sure that you are appreciative that I was gracious enough to share it with you. I'm kinda like that. So willing to share. Willing to share with you all the lessons that can be learned at the feet of the Apostles. Willing to share the "ah hah" moments when the spirit speaks directly to your heart. Willing to share the realization of areas where we are lacking and then vowing to be better.

More than ever, I felt like this conference was JUST FOR ME! So many times, things were said that were applicable to me in a very personal way. On Saturday, Elder Wirthlin had me laughing and then Elder Holland had my crying. On Sunday, my two favorite talks were from Elder Eyring and Elder Hales. Elder Hales talk to me is up there with Pres. Benson's talk on "Pride" and Pres. Bednar's talk on "Not Being Offended".

My favorite quote though of the whole conference came from Elder Wirthlin's talk. In light of what we are going through on a personal basis, this is now my personal mantra. "Come what may. And love it!"

So how was Conference "YOUR" conference? What was said that was spoken directly to you?


Mechelle said...

Thanks for sharing conference with me.

Funny, it seemed the talks were just for me.

It is like the scriptures. They talk just to my heart.

One of my favorite quotes.

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved. Monson

Mechelle said...

Loved all your quotes also. Thanks for a great post. m

Lisa Loo said...

I love how conference always seem to speak to each individual person. I always have a little moment where I think, "How did they know? " and I sneak a peak around my room looking for hidden cameras! Kidding--but conference was awesome. I too LOVED Elder Wirthlin's talk and that is my new mantra too!! I promise I don't mean this in a creepy, stalker sort of way--but I really love your blog and your personage and your take on life. And thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers--mine are with you too. I am a need a plan type of person so whenever my husband has been without a job I have been without my sanity and peaceful heart. Hope all goes well---

Jan said...

No, it was for me Deb. Just joking. I know it was for us all. I loved the same talks that you did. I have never had Hales on my list of favs before, but it really resinated with me. I loved it. He was so calming. Eyring was looking at me straight in the eyes. Seriously. It was a fog around me and he was piercing into my soul. So I was eating it up like crazy.

It was all good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Come what may and love it. He is so cute that Joe.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love the little saying about Halloween on the right...too cute!

McEwens said...

I liiked the unity part... the angels.. I think rough times are still ahead, but we will be ok

Hey Deb, thanks for sharing YOUR conference!


Redhoodoos said...

I look forward to conference for weeks (months) and it's so disappointing when it's all over. I loved this session. My favorite talks were probably President Monson and Elder Holland. Loved them!

robyn said...

Thanks for the comment Deb! Unfortunately I didn't win but that's ok, I have some nursery stuff that I really like! Oh and thanks for posting those quotes! They were Awesome. I LOVED Conference this year!

Anonymous said...

i love your thoughts on conference!!! it was so wonderful wasn't it!?!?!

da Bergs said...

I loved so many of them but I think this year my fav was Elder Holland. Take heart, be filled with faith. The Lord has said he will fight our battles, our children's battles, and our children's children's battles. How do we earn this? Be believing, pray, attend the temple... keep our covenants! I think with the way the world is right now this brought me peace!

Not all angels are from above, we walk with them! they gave birth to us... married us...

The story about the boy and the father who saved him... Son, I have been looking for you... reminds me of the prodigal son!

The Father of us all is watching & assisting... and there are always those angels, seen & not seen... mortal & not...

May we all try to be a little more angelic ourselves!!! (so that we CAN be someone else's angel!!!)

K, sorry to go on and on... guess I should post this on MY blog!!!

Frumpy Luv said...

Elder Wirthlin got me all teary and then Elder Holland finished me off - I loved loved loved this session.

Cindy said...

I absolutely agree! Conference was wonderful!!!!! My favorites were on Saturday with Elder Holland and Elder Christopherson. Such powerful talks!

Elder Uchtdorf's talk at the RS Conference the previous weekend had the same effect on me as you experienced. I felt like he was giving the talk TO ME!


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