Monday, August 4, 2008

Fav Websites!!

Thought I would share two of my favorite websites and see what are your favorites? The first is FlyLady. This is a great and fun website to help organize and clean your home. If you are suffering from CHAOS, which stands for (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome!) because your house is a mess, this is the site for you! She starts you off with baby steps and sends emails instructing you what to clean. For example, you might get an email telling you to take 15 minutes right now and clean out a bathroom drawer. And it helps so much to just DO IT right then! You feel SO FREE! You feel so LIBERATED! Because now you have a CLEAN BATHROOM DRAWER!! Wahoo!!! You will receive general emails and also emails focusing on a certain part of your house every week. It is so helpful to have someone TELLING you do it..or at least it does me!! If anyone tries it, let me know if you like it. She has a great sense of humor which makes cleaning fun.

The other site is Dotti's Weight Loss Zone. For those of us trying to watch our weight, she lists tons and tons of restaurants and the calories/fat/carbs and sometimes weight watcher points for the food that is on their menus. The rest of her site is pretty good but I think the restaurant info is the best.

Now what are two of your all time fav websites? The only rule about this is that they can't already be a website that is on the sidebar of your blog.

I REALLY want to tell me...Who's in YOUR top two??


COMcewens said...

Depends on the day! Right now it is Smarty Had a party, as I order things for the wedding! That and rental places!

~The Robin's Nest~ said... Seriously I love this website~ I'm always looking up words to make sure they work in a sentence... AND they put a little horn behind each word and if you click on the horn it actually says the word so you know how to pronounce it.

And a magazine website that I visit every day to try to win things...I have won two major prizes this year so far :)

Thanks for sharing yours! This is a great post idea~!

kitchenditcher said...

Quick and Simple looks really neat. I'm definitely going to sign up! Thanks for sharing that one!

Mother Goose said...

One of my favorite websites or sites to go is It is wonderful and gives back! and I love that magazine for their quick and easy recipes.

I was a flybaby. I love the routine and have implemented many of the things into my daily life. It is now a part of me. When I fall off and need an extra boost. I resubscribe to her site. It's great. I always keep my sink clear, I still do the 12 fling boogie, and I love to clean! but she showed me how not to become obsessive. I was a bit OCD.

Anonymous said...

Those sites are NEAT!!! :) some of my favorite sites that are NOT on my sidebar..... (that SHOULD totally be on my i am going to add it later)

okeedokey :) i think that'll do :)

Jan said...

Thanks for the links. I really do love webkinz. I am serious. Mattie got me one a couple of years ago. I do the daily sometimes. She loves me for that. I am never going to grow up Kitchen.

Redhoodoos said...

Great post! I think I'll have to check out flylady. I've heard of her before and hear she's amazing.

I check a lot of news sites - mostly and

I think that's about it. How funny. I guess I'm always on my blog or checking email or checking news. =)

Anonymous said...

I love all the comments. Gotta check em out.
Mine: Wikipedia and QVC

Frumpy Luv said...

My biggest fav (though sometimes it has some graphic stuff) is Post Secret. Other than that, it's my school stuff or blogging stuff. I use google images all the time to look up pics for my posts.

(thanks for your comment about the surgery - it sounds like you have been through some tough times - so very sorry, though it also sounds like you have lots of wisdom gained from what you've been through. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. - Janell )

craigandlissa said...

Oh my gosh, I worship FLYLADY!!! She has changed my life so much, I cannot even express how much I love her. Baby steps is my theme song for everything!

Lisa said...

I too love the Flylady but it is an on again off again relationship--I definitely ride a wild organizational roller coaster.Hey--I just looked that up on is a word. These are all great sites. 2 of my fav's are because I am in the middle of doing my husband's families geneology and This woman writes all this fabulous music and makes it availabel for FREE on her website. She wrote "If the Savior Stood Beside ME"--I love that she shares her gift so freely.

Mechelle said...

LOVE Flylady. Funny it is one of your favs also. m

Mechelle said...

Will have to try Dotti's weight loss zone. After a month long vacation, I need this one. m

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