Saturday, August 30, 2008


While at Education Week, one of our favorite places to eat in Provo is Tucano's. It is a Brazilian Grill Restaurant and is so fun! They have skewers that they grill over an open flame and then bring the skewer to your table and carve for you right there. You have little tongs that you grab on to the meat with. There is also a little wood gadget on your table with one end painted red and one end painted green. If you want the servers to keep coming, you keep your green end up. When you are taking a breath (and unbuttoning your pants) put your right end up. (See next picture!) I think our red end was up only once! That's because I have a SIL that can pack it away! (Hugs to Montana!)

Cute waiter huh?

Some of the things that they bring to you are BBQ chicken, top sirloin, marinated tri-tip, brown sugar pork, bacon wrapped something that I can't remember, tenderloin (my fav!), grilled pineapple, grilled veggies and even chicken hearts. (My kids didn't believe me that they had those!)

Enjoying the food!

(See...our green end is UP!!)

I told my daughter to get a picture of the grill which you can kind of see in the background but whan I can see the most is the backside of the cute waiters that are there. Yeah....this daughter is single!!

Good family, good food, good times. Life doesn't get any gooder than this! Yeah, I know that's not a word but I like it!


Mechelle said...

I never knew education week had so much to offer! Wonderful. I have never been to this restaurant and I graduated from BYU. Next time I am in Provo I will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip and sharing the cute photos with us. And I think Gooder should be a word. I'll call Webster right now! M

Anonymous said...


That education week looks GOODER than i thought it would be!!! ♥

I am soooo jealous! i want to live in a MORMONVILLE!!!!!!

one day i will dog-gone it!!!

da Bergs said...

When Derek got his mission call to Brasil, we had to go check it out! It is a way fun place to eat! I want you to post your NOTES from Ed Week!!! I think we need to have a blogging party up there at the cabin next year and do Ed week together!!!! Sound fun???

O, AND... I would LOVE to get together to quilt! Would you be interested in taking a class in Redlands???

gary and julie said...

that place is so delicious, i ate there once. Yum!

McEwens said...

Cant wait to read your notes! Still to bad you never found a pool.... NEXT time! Lets go next year!

Dolly said...

What a great idea for a restaurant! When we dropped Cam off at the MTC we went to the Training Table-is that what it's called? I think so-you call on the phone at your table for an order. I think we'll have to try Tucanos' next time were up there. Sounds delicious :D

Mother Goose said...

oh we love this place too, they have one exactly like this in my neck of the woods! You have got to love MEAT, and I definitely do.
It looks like your daughter found the BEEF! LOL, no asking
Where's the Beef!

Jan said...

That looks like so much fun. I love those types of social places where they have cute waiters cooking up goodies.

Glad you had fun with the family. I love the word gooder. I think I will start talking that talk. You are a gooder :)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

This is SERIOUSLY my kind of place to eat! I wish I knew about this place when we went thru Provo! Next time for sure- I live on meat, veggies and fruit being I can't eat gluten. So this is my kind of restaurant!
YUMMY-thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I have driven by this place during my many visits to Utah and thought it looked like a fun place to go. But I am always afraid to go to resturaunts I know nothing about. Will I walk in there in jeans and find everyone in formal wear? Will I like anything on the menu, will I be able to pronounce anything on the menu?! And if I can't--how does one make a graceful exit?! Way too much stress. So thanx for the review! Maybe that could be your new job--photo reviews of good places to eat. I too look forward to hearing more about Education week!

wonder woman said...

I live right here in Mormonville and have never been to Tucanos. Everyone I talk to says it's delicious....just a matter of finding time, money, and cheap sitter, I guess.

I also have never gone to education week.....I've been in Utah for 5 years and haven't come close to doing all I should be doing here! Someday, SOMEDAY I will go to education week. Or at least host blogging friends who DO go.

Anonymous said...

Cute indeed! But I'm looking at the food instead! Yummy. Let's do lunch!

Frumpy Luv said...

Oh ... Tucano's how I love and miss you!!! Now that my parents have relocated to Springville we just might get to some of these places again ... yipppee!!! Cafe Rio is first on the list, and maybe for a meal out we'll make it here - so much fun!

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