Saturday, June 7, 2008

Brittany's graduation!

You are looking at a BYU Graduate!

A milestone has occurred! As a parent, when you bring home your little bundle of joy, your mind really can't even fathom what this precious little spirit will be like as an adult. Your life is filled with diapers, baby talk, Sesame Street, Cheerios and enough cracker crumbs in your car that it could be considered your year's supply of food storage.

College seems so far distant during those days. Milestones then included their first step, their first word and the first of day of school. Soon enough milestones became turning 16, learning to drive, dating and possibly getting their first job.

This latest milestone came so much faster than I expected. Why can't adults be in charge of time? I wish that I had a kitchen timer for my life! You know, when you are cooking something and the timer goes off but the food isn't quite done, you can add more time to the timer! And if something cooks faster than expected, you can fast forward and turn the timer off.

Wouldn't that be great if you weren't quite ready for an era or an event to end that you could just extend the time? Or during the unpleasant times in our lives, we could just fast forward the timer and be done with it?

I guess the secret is to enjoy every moment to the fullest which is exactly what we did with Brittany's graduation.

How pleased we are with how well she did and the choices that she is making in her life.
A milestone has definitely occurred - Brittany graduated. And the milestone for us?

No more tuition!!!

Very proud of the diploma!

VERY proud parents!


COMcewens said...

CONGRATS!!!! What an accomplishment! The best part.... no more tuition!!! You all LOOK GREAT!

Cameron & Cindy said...

Congratulations!! We love you!

da Bergs said...

That is AWESOME!!! What was her major? You are soooooooo right, time flies (sometimes MUCH too quickly and other times... NOT quick enough!) LOVE ya! Shaila

Grandma J said...

Love you analogy are EVER so right!!!

Redhoodoos said...

Congratulations - how exciting!

Teri Le said...


There's just no way I'm old enough to have the kids I babysat at taught in primary graduating from COLLEGE.

WTY girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can tell that you are ONE PROUD MOMMA!!! :)

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I have a soon to be sophomore in college. So there really is an end in sight??? Thank God!

And congratulations to all of you! What a great accomplishment!

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