Sunday, June 29, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

I have the best calling in the world. Other than being a wife and mother, I love being the primary chorister! I don't know if it is because of the time of life that I am in right now, or that after serving in so many other areas, it is wonderful not having to be "in charge". In my 28 years of married life, I have only been in primary once and that was when we were first married.

So I LOVE being in Primary! Today we had a review of the songs that we have learned so far. On the table I had eight glasses. Some were filled with water and some were filled with water and white vinegar. In front of the glasses, I had spoons with a drop of different food color and then a pile of baking soda over the drop so you couldn't tell what color was underneath.

Then out came not just Sister McEwen, but Sister McEwen, the mad scientist!, complete with white lab overcoat and mad scientist goggles. Whoever was picked got to put on the goggles and choose a spoon. When they put their spoon into a regular glass of water, it just turned the color of the drop that was on the spoon and we sang a review song. If they put their spoon into a glass that had vinegar, it kind of exploded and overflowed and then they got to sing a Primary song of their choosing.

The kids loved it. So one time, little Jessica was selected to be the mad scientist. She is the teeniest little girl, about 5 or 6 six years old and has this teeny little squeaky voice. I put the mad scientist goggles on her and she picks her spoon. She very carefully puts it in the glass and it turns green but explodes and overflows. So now I ask Jessica what is her favorite song? The kids are being rather noisy now because our science experiment has overflowed so I ask everyone to quiet down so that I can hear Jessica tell me what her favorite song is.

Jessica pulls on my blouse so I kneel down close to her. She tucks my hair behind my ear and in her softest voice, whispers....DEF LEPPARD!

It took all I had not to burst out laughing! I then suggested that Jessica tell me what her favorite PRIMARY song is! I guess I had neglected to say that word the first time! She chose Families can be Together Forever, and all was back to normal. Except all the kids wanted to know what the first song she chose was!

What a funny Sunday!


Redhoodoos said...

How cute! Little children are what make this world go around. I love watching the newborns turn into little toddlers and then rambunctious kids in my ward!

BTW - being the primary chorister was the scariest calling I have ever had! Good for you for doing it and loving it!

Jan said...

What a great idea. Those kids must have loved it. I wish I could have been there too. The kids are lucky to have someone that loves their calling like that. What a blessing.
So funny about Def Leppard. My son loves them. HEE HEE..

We have been married the same amount of time. Have a great week.

Frumpy Luv said...

Oh my goodness - how cute and funny!!! I have to say that the idea of primary scares me to death - never been there ... yet!!

Clark and Kristen Daniels said...

DEB....I love ya your the BOMB! I really appreciate your help!

tharker said...

I love me some Def Leppard too! What a funny little girl.

I love the picture of your family in your sidebar. You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

FUNNY!!! How did you CONTAIN your laughter!?!?! I would have Busted out!!!

she has good taste....i am shocked that she even KNOWS who DEF LEPPARD is!!!! She has Cool Parents, no doubt!!!! :)

robyn said...

DEBBBB!!!!! No way! I am so happy that you found me! How are you? how is your family? Thank you so much for the nice comment. I am so excited to be a mom! How is Brittany doing? I havn't any of you guys in way too long!!

Teri Le said...

LOL, that's just hilarious! I love it!!! And, yes, I can picture little Jessica doing just that? did you tell her folks???

Anonymous said...

So, so funny. What a cute story. I love the mad scientist idea

Carla said...

I'm swiping-I mean sharing this!

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