Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pet Peeves

I consider myself to be a pretty calm and rational person. I am rather easy-going and it usually takes a lot to get me riled up, but I do have a few pet peeves that can get me agitated. Some are small and I realize I may have an OCD about them, but, oh well, who out there isn't a little compulsive about SOMETHING! So here two of my favorite pet peeves:

The last ten cents at the gas pump. You put $20 into the machine. And you are using the outside machine because going inside to the cashier TAKES TOO MUCH TIME. I hate pumping gas for myself in the first place so I want it over with as soon as possible. You put the hose into the car and start the gas. You hear the gas gushing through the hose into your car, the price is ticking by so rapidly that you can barely see the numbers. Yes! I am going to get in and out of here lickety split! And then....the pumps reads $19.90 and the ticker slows to a crawl. 19.91...$19.92....Forget it already, I almost want to just put the hose back instead of waiting for $19.98....$19.99...$20.00. Nowadays, how much gas does 10 cents get you anyway? Probably just fumes. For me?...Oh, I'm fuming alright!

One ply toilet paper. Why do they even make this stuff? It makes serious jobs almost impossible. We made the mistake of buying some one-ply at Sam's Club. We didn't know at the time that it wasn't two-ply so now with it just being two of us at home, we now just about have a year's supply of the stuff. I wonder... Does the church recommend a year's supply to be able to toilet paper houses? Come see me. I've got it covered.

So what is it that gets your nerves to boiling? Someone putting the milk back in the frig with 1/100 of an inch of milk left? Car radios blasting music? Let's hear it! What is YOUR pet peeve?


Redhoodoos said...

You are soo fun!

Hmmm- where to begin? The icemaker on my freezer broke about a year ago - I won't even tell you about how bad I hate THAT because I'm the ice queen - so, I have to use trays. For months they were just my trays. No one new about them. Then, slowly, the "others" in my home started invading my trays and they are constantly empty or worse - they have food smudges on them. Horrors!

I think I'll sign out now and go take a quick meditation break.

Just out of curiosity - did you have thyroid cancer or was it other thyroid issues that you had? Are you on meds?

Cute post! And I agree with you on your pet peeves too!!

BYUnewlywed said...

Hey, I agree with you about the one-ply TP. But you have to admit, a pack of one-ply goes on forever! we made the same mistake of buying some a couple months ago and we still have it! not fun to use, but it sure is economical. -your favorite son-in-law

kitchenditcher said...

Wow! I'm so excited that my favorite (He's my only!) son -in-law commented on my blog! You are wonderful and we can't wait to see you over the 4th.

Love, your favorite mother-in-law

BYUnewlywed said...

Oh mom, WE have one ply toilet paper. (How Embarrasing) It may not get the job done as well, but it doesn't cost money to wash your hands! OK EWE but true.

autumnmcalpin said...

At the risk of sounding psycho, here's one of my (many) pet peeves... I really like "Naked Juice"--you know, the really fresh tasting OJ that costs an arm and a leg--even at Costco. I've gotten a bit spoiled with this juice, now I won't even drink all the other not so fresh stuff, so I work it into my budget... Anyway, it really bugs me when people come over and (without asking) drink all my juice. As I watch my houseguests glug, glug, glug, I mentally tabulate how much each sip is costing me, and I get a bit perturbed. Of course I never tell THEM this, but it sure bugs ME! I know, I have serious problems... love ya!

Anonymous said...

you are so funny!!!!! ha ha ha!!!!

Ok...a couple of my pet peeves:
1.people SMACKING their gum while trying to talk!

2. people texting on their cel phones while i am trying to talk to them.

COMcewens said...

People that slow traffic by looking at the accident!

People that ride my bumper!

The Broad Squad said...

Well, people that dont wash their hands after using the potty!

Beeswax said...

People that park in the car line at school. Then leave. ARGH!

daveney7 said...

Oh how I miss You guys!
I was thinking and thinking on what gets my goat and I finally thought of not being able to get in to my laundry room because of all the clothes piled in front of the washer! how do the kids expect me to wash their clothes if I can't get to the washing machine! love ya!

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

I just wanted to stop in and say Hi- I saw your blog from a link off of redhoodoos page. I just wanted to comment.
Pet Peeve: Getting a blurry picture when taking that perfect shot.
No toilet paper in the bathroom.
Empty containers in the fridge (who does that... See something i want-looking so tasty- and bam! its empty.... the devastation)

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