Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hot Flash

I'm having a hot flash. Right now. This minute. And no matter when you read this post, I will probably be having one then too. Sweat is gathering and contemplating about dripping down my forehead underneath my bangs. It is also pooling on my upper lip where there is no dark hair as of yet, but I hear that may be coming.

When other friends complained to me about their hot flashes, I thought....pfft, how bad can it be? Buck up and quit yer belly-achin! How ever bad their hot flashes were, mine are worse. And it's harder than you think.

The other night, hubby and I were watching tv and I snuggled up next to him. No sooner had I done so, then I felt myself become like a glowing coal from a campfire. Hubby would have been thrilled if I had been getting "hot" FOR him, but that wasn't happening tonight! He could physically feel the heat rising from my body and asked if I was having a hot flash. I wanted to scream "Does a lake ripple when a duck farts?!?" In other words, YES!!! (That was for those who might have been confused by the duck question)

This is such a new experience for me because I normally run cold and it's hubby that runs hot. That man is my own personal heater. In 36 degree weather, he sweats. In the past, whenever I needed to get warm, all I needed to do was get remotely close to him. Now if I get close to him, I feel like I am going to spontaneously combust.

I can't take hormones. (another post in the making) My new best friends are popsicles. They do seem to help quench the fire. Summer is going to be an interesting experience.

Last fall, when my doctor said that I needed a hysterectomy, I thought "Cool!! No more worries about monthly visits." There is nothing "COOL" about it.


da Bergs said...

oh, Deb you crack me up!!!

Redhoodoos said...

I had my thyroid taken out last December and my whole body temperature gauge thingy did a 180! I am always hot now, too - whereas before, I was always cold. It is definitely a strange phenomenon. Peri-menopause runs in my family so maybe I'm going through it a little early. Who knows.

Anyway - I feel your pain. And your post was hilarious - especially about the duck! lol

Redhoodoos said...

I meant to tell you to HANG IN THERE!!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! You can even make Hot Flashes sound humorous....you are good!

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