Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've been tagged!

I'm it! I'm it! I've never been tagged before and I'm so excited! Redhoodoos tagged me and she is my new favorite friend! :o}

Can you just feel the ground shaking beneath your feet? That's me jumping up and down!

Okay, so I am supposed to list six words that describe my life. And this shows that I need to GET a life, because I thought about this all night. It is definitely harder than you think but here goes:

1. Blessed
2. Miraculous
3. Routine
4. Family-oriented (Hey, don't give me no flack, that's ONE word!)
5. Enjoyable
6. Purposeful

So nothing earth shattering but that describes it pretty well. So now the second part of the tag is to tag five others. The following people have been duly warned!!

Brittany - You need to do this if you would ever UPDATE your blog!
Diane - Okay, you got me started with blogging in the first you're it!
Brynne - I can't wait to see the words YOU come up with!
Lisa (Is that a garage door on my ceiling) - No running away into the beautiful outside where you're it!
Tyler - With your twins, you should have some interesting things to say!

Toodles....I'm off to your blog to leave you a note!


Frumpy Luv said...

I'm with you on family-oriented being one work - and it is a great one!!! I think this is a great tag - love what you've come up with, love that you were jumping up and down about this tag - love red, love love love it!!

Jan said...

Anything attached to family is one word right. Family fun, Eternal family etc. Oh yeah.

Great list and glad your friend got you hooked on blogging. We love you around.

Great list and keep jumping up and down. I heard it makes us feel good and younger. Jump away sister.

da Bergs said...

Debbie you are SO fun!!! I love reading your blogs!!! You are so blessed and soooooo FUN to be around!!! So, full of life and always giving! THANK YOU! We really need to meet and do lunch!

da Bergs said...

Last time I saw you was in the hospital! Hey, have you heard anything new from the Hiatt's??!!!

COMcewens said...

Deb, I hope one day you share with everyone WHY you wrote miracluous!
It is such a tender blessing

Anonymous said...

I love your list and from what I know about you, I agree with all of them!!!

and yes...FAMILY-ORIENTED is one word...darn--i wish i had thought of that when i was making my list!!!

WisAndGrif said...

Okay Okay little Miss Tagger! I have my six words...come check them out!
Oh and I loved your words...perfect.

Redhoodoos said...

Love your list! From what I know about you, it fits! I hope you'll share your miraculous story some time. So glad to get to know you.

Mother Goose said...

I loved reading your tag and I could feel your excitement all the way over here! (or maybe that was mine because of Jan's give away) Loved your list. Purposeful and enjoyable. Always finding joy in the journey. What a good lesson.

I can't believe you have never been tagged! Sometimes tags make me itchy but I liked this one.

Mechelle said...

You are so cute to be jumping up and down for being tagged.

Love "Routine". Wow! That is great. I think that routine is a powerful word and one I need in my life. I am so creative that I let my life get out of control sometimes. Thanks for this thought you are too cool. m

PS I ditched the kitchen and went for a ride with my son. I posted all about it on my blog. I would thinking of you as I untied my apron.

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