Monday, July 21, 2008

Kitchen Ditcher's Quiz

Scroll down to take the quiz. I can't get it to scoot up! Click on "TAKE QUIZ"

If anyone (other than immediately family) gets 100%, let me know. You may win a prize!

P.S. In order to avoid any more confusion, this quiz is how well you know our family! lol

Kitchen Ditcher's Quiz
1) In which temple did this family start their eternalness?
Los Angeles, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
Logan, UT
Honolulu, HI

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Redhoodoos said...

I'M NOT WORTHY! I royally bombed your quiz. Sorry. =(

What a cute idea!

kitchenditcher said...

Red - did pretty good!! Now you need to make one and I'll see how I do!!!

Anonymous said...

crap. i did awful! i really need to get to know you better!!!

i think i want to make a QUIZ now!!!

kitchenditcher said...

Merrianne - Make a quiz!! I'm sure yours will be hysterical!

Jan said...

Everyone can relax now. I totally did the worst. I first got 0 because I did it wrong, then I only got 10%. I need to go back and read your whole blog. That was horrible of me. Sorry about that.

Great quiz. Except for when I am involved huh...

Have a great day. But I won't forget the answers now and I have learned a ton about you from it. ;)

Mechelle said...

Just to make Jan feel better I did the same thing she did. First I got zero becasue I did it wrong and then I only got 10%! I just want to be like Jan I guess. Sorry KD, I tried. m

The Motherboard said...

Dang! That was sweet!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't do the quiz. Question #1 only listed 4 temples.
I guess I don't understand.

I interested to hear how it all works out though.

da Bergs said...

Hahaha, when I did it, the 1st question, I too thought, it doesnt list the temple I was married in... LOL!!! So, I picked the one that I THOUGHT Deb THOUGHT I was married in... THEN I realized on the 2nd question, oh, lol, this is about HER, NOT me!!! OUTLOUD!!!
yeah, I am bad... thinking it was about ME!!! Please don't tell anyone I thought that!!! Guess I better start thinking of someone else and do a little service today!!! LOL

Redhoodoos said...

I tagged you on my blog, KD.

Mother Goose said...

Ok, this is like my first time to your blog or second and I got a 40%!! I totally rock! I would have had a passing grade if I went with my first impression on 3 of them, so my score should show 3 more correct. LOL

The Robin's Nest said...

I didn't do to well on the quiz but I know so much more about you and that is fun!...P.S. I snort when I laugh... It's a Sad thing.

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