Sunday, July 20, 2008

Latest fashion arrival from India!

My sister-in-law has recently returned from a service and humanitarian trip to India. If you haven't already read about her amazing experiences, go check her out at She's got some pretty incredible photos from an orphanage and a leper colony.

While she was over there, I asked her if she could get me an authentic Indian outfit and here it is!! You can't imagine how comfy this clothing is! I seriously could wear it everyday! The pants underneath kinda look like "I Dream of Jeannie" pants but getting a closeup while still on me would have given you a little too much information about myself if you know what I mean!

Look at the cool beading! And try not to notice the sunburn I got this weekend!

This clothing makes you feel very pretty and very exotic. Here is my best attempt at looking exotic!

Thanks for getting this for me Pam. You're the best!!


Redhoodoos said...

Wow that really does look comfy and sooo pretty! What a nice SIL you have!

Your house and your eyes are beautiful!

Jan said...

Look at those eyes. Now I am putting you with someone else. I have really enjoyed reading her posts on her India travels. It is so fascinating and heart warming.

Love the outfit. Very cute on you.

Dolly said...

We have a couple in our ward who were just called to the West-Indies. They are so excited to leave for a new country :)

Anonymous said...

That is gorGeous!

and your EYES looks pretty dern Sexy & Exotic to me!!!


COMcewens said...


I just love you! I am going to teach you how to wear the scarf India style though! You are way to pretty to cover up!

They are WAYYYYYYYY comfy!

WisAndGrif said...

Very fashionable!!!
You look very comfy and I'd have to say...I'm all about comfort these days (maybe cause I'm married now lol). Oh and what amazing eye's you have Debisha (that is your Indian name I just gave you.)

gary and julie said...

I've always loved your clear blue eyes, but wow Deb- They're amazing!

da Bergs said...

Omigosh! L.U.C.K.Y.
You look beautiful!!!! LOVE it!!!

Mechelle said...

Just lovely! m

Frumpy Luv said...

Pam is awesome and what a gorgeous outfit - your eyes are amazing!!! ( by the by, I thought your blog was in my reader and just devastatingly discovered it wasn't .... until about 5 seconds ago - I can't believe I've been missing your posts!!!)

The Robin's Nest said...


I just love the way they dress there in India... I wish we could dress like that here! So pretty!

Hey I also wanted to tell you our hummingbirds here in Seattle are very territorial too. I have to put feeders all around the place because they make one their own and fight over them.

I'm back home now just trying to catch up on everybody. But wanted to say you do look beautiful in the Indian outfit. Take Care~!

Mother Goose said...

you look very exotic. you have beautiful blue eyes

Carla said...

With those beautiful blue eyes, there is no way you could be Indian! Beautiful outfit!

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